Rumor and Hearsay

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Better Every Day #3

Patience is a virtue, a skill, a powerful tool.

This has been a huge crutch in my earlier years,I was always impatient. On the football field, I couldn't wait for my lanes to develop...there goes my career as a running back. In Pole Vaulting, I always tried to power through a jump instead of allowing technique to develop... it was a problem until nearly the end of my career.

A lack of patience is what lead me to giving ultimatums in my personal life, I've destroyed MANY bridges along the way.

"May the bridges I burn light the way..."

Getting back into shooting sorts has been a physically empowering adventure in learning to be patient, I refuse to allow myself to continue to be mediocre, because, once again from the first BED, I believe I am destined for greatness; only if, however, I push myself through The Crucible and keep my mind focused on the prize.

Mental patience I believe, is developed by being mindful of our own limitations, and being mindful of our short fuses. I used to be very short fused, I found ways to make it work, my short fuses gave me shortcuts allowing my adventure in mediocrity to continue. Now, I have become determined to open my mind, and be aware of this reality, especially when it comes to others.

Patience in emotion: Now that's just something that we'll have to figure out for ourselves.

I'm working on that one the most, it's difficult, but I believe that it is worth it.

Be patient through The Crucible, you grow more through time spent in the flames; the pain is only temporary as long as we allow it to be so, if we allow the pain to manifest in our minds, we will break.

I will not be defeated, and I will not break.

H.E. Wallace

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