Rumor and Hearsay

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Little R&R with The Trickster, Maui

It has come to my attention that I have yet to post a Rant or a Rave on this fine Journal, so, for you're reading pleasure here we go.

Questions that keep me up at night:

Seriously, how much could a woodchuck chuck?
Why is Iceland so green?
Why is it that when I started this, I suddenly forgot all the great things I wanted to say?
Why is it that when I finally start working out again I get every time?

This one's serious... If you wake up in a different place, in a different time...could you wake up as a different person?

Seriously, frat daddies....whats with the boat shoes?...and the hats...and the glasses...and the shorts?
What if I had said something?
What if I could have kept my damn mouth shut?
(African and European)

How many drinks does it take to put a torch out?
How many drinks does it take to realize that the torch is still on fire?

Who came up with the phrase "carry the torch"?
Who was the first to tie torch carrying to relationships?

What would happen, if lets say, a huge system of Lightning ran into a Miami?

Yes, fratties you're the coolest ppl ever because you think you are....but you're not
Sorority girls...c'mon no reason to be so rude, esp when the term slampiece is directly tied to you.
I know I'm an asshole, you don't have to like me, take it or leave it. Just remember, some friction in life is good.

Everyone kept bitching at me to get i do...and no one uses it anymore haha fml...

Finally: Can somebody tell some ppl to fucking grow up, yes parts of me could be included in this group, but high school was over a long time ago.

If someone isn't happy/doesn't want to be in a relationship, you'll either know it or not as the partner...which sucks when something is broken and you don't know it.

I NEED A JOB! haha

So yeah... R&R does mean rants and raves for the most part, even though technically I failed to include raves, but least its not some drawn out metaphorical story this time.

Keep it real

Next time is either: "Chapter 5: When Storms Collide, The Lightning Count meets The Hurricane." or "The Thousand Faces of You and I."

Random Song of the night: Chicks Dig it by Chris Cagle

Until then,
~The Trickster, Maui

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chapter Four: Havok And The Hammer Of Dawn

There was a time where Havok, was on top of the world. Nowadays this statement is nowhere near true, even if he could create a fantasy world of being back on top of the mountain, any mountain. Havok, like many, felt as if his position could get no better, family, friends and love encompassed his life and he felt invincible. Then, one day a doubt, maybe one micro gram, somehow made it's way into his mind, and his downward spiral began, losing friends, his love, and himself in the process. Like many, he tried to push the weight of his decisions off as if he were Atlas, holding the world on his shoulders. And those few still around him watched his spiral in horror as he refused help from anyone and continued pushing people away looking for himself at the bottom of bottles and working himself into the ground, many sleepless nights, and night terrors the few times his body shut him down.

Then, he put on his mask, cleverly designed as a glowing smile and an energy for life only seen in the past. It worked wonders on most, Havok was back, and he had been missed. But every night, when he would take his new magical disguise off, his bloodshot eyes shone as rubies, the weakness in his body apparent as he would tremble trying to look at himself in a reflecting pool, and he never found peace in sleep, which still eluded him. Until finally, he gave up, he needed to rebuild, the mask came off his face as tears as she held his hand telling him she knew how to look into his soul. She could not be deceived. It was the first night he slept in some time, woke up with eyes not so ruby bloodshot, a little more color in his veins.

Today, Havok still looks to rebuild himself, understanding his road may be long but his friends and family are right there pulling for him as he wields a much more practical tool: The Hammer Of Dawn. Stroke by stroke, destroying the boulder over him as he changes and finds the fire he had once before, Stroke by stroke tearing up broken foundations to pour the cement for new beginnings with those caught in the crossfire. Stroke by stroke, improving himself, his life, and hopefully becoming a good person once again...stroke by stroke...

We must sometimes rebuild ourselves as Havok is doing, maybe it's a small change in life which makes us reevaluate who we are and who we want to be. Sometimes it's a change which throws us seemingly off a spire leaving us desperately clawing at the air in a vain effort to save ourselves. Maybe it's just time for a lifestyle change. In this moment, be wary of the masks, they have a corrupting and dark ability to destroy us as we try to fake our ways to happiness. Instead, find your hammer, and work diligently, but not hurriedly.This hammer is both a metaphor and truth in Havok's life as he slowly, stroke by stroke, searches for himself and a reunion with those he loves.

I know this...because Havok knows this: Don't let the masked version of you convince you that the hammer is in it's hand, because it's actually in yours.

Next time: Who knows

Song of the Night: I am trying very hard to be here by AFI

Until then,
~The Trickster, Maui

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Legend and Folklore: The Trickster Maui

This will be a post describing The Trickster Maui, well the legendary one who's name I've chosen as a pen-name. And I'll be describing some of the stories in my own words, so don't expect to find hawaiian manuscripts word for word with this post.

Imagine that your mother didn't want you, wrapped you up in some of her super long-ass hair and threw you into the right? Buts it's cool because some ocean spirits find baby you and take care of you until your troublesome teens...and and by the by, you're half-god.
Now, you go to find your mother, and when you do she completely rejects you as her son and you discover you have brothers, which don't like you very much either. Eventually you convince her, and you have a new home...yay! WAIT! it gets better.

Maui was pretty much a jackass, he loved playing tricks on people, and as a demi-god this usually involved him shape-shifting. However, he did do totally badass things for the good of mankind...First, when the heavens lay on the earth and made travel almost impossible he bartered a woman, a drink for work program if you will, to push the heavens up....boom he got his drink, mankind got the sky where it is now...see, he was a swell guy. Later, his mother complained about how fast the sun moved across the sky: the villagers could not get thier work done or cook because of the speed. She begged Maui to do something so he got his brothers together, made a huge snare and attempted to capture the sun. One day when the sun awoke and started across the sky, his brothers snared it and Maui...LITERALLY...BEAT THE SUN RETARDED...WITH HIS GRANDMA'S FREAKING JAWBONE... Now the sun travels more slowly...and we have our days.

Other adventures include, you know, dragging the land out of the oceans to form the islands...again with the freaking jawbone which was now fashioned into a magical fish hook, no big deal I'm sure you've done that before; he also dove deep underwater to bring islands up on his shoulders, you know, after he pulled New Zealand out of the ocean with his badass fish hook. Finding fire once it had been lost by humans by angering the goddess of fire by almost killing her... etc badass and necessary things to mankind.

But we must remember he was a jackass, he would rob his friends and fellow gods and demi-gods...this guy just didn't care, but he did help people too, so he was a very "Jeeze that guy is a jerk, but he did get fire back for us so I guess he's cool" sorta friend. He wasn't a great inventor but always made things better, like spears, fish hooks and eel nets. If you copied him he'd get pissed and turn you into a dog, again kind of a jerk.

But, toward the end of his totally awesom elife he decided he wanted to be immortal, and that he wanted everyone to be immortal (AWWW) so he journeyed to the house of death (Death being a huge freaking fish with razor sharp obsidian teeth) and sought to cut out her heart, thus killing death. One of his darn brothers started laughing after he has crawled into the fish's mouth and she awoke and snapped her jaws shut, cutting him in half.

But no worries, Maui's girl was one tough B and declared war on the gods and took a bunch of them about a good woman :)

So, why The Trickster Maui?
I am a jackass, jerk, douche etc sometimes, I can be that guy you don't wanna ever see but you like the fact that I watch out for those around me. I can be caring or stone-hearted, but at the end of the day, even playing jokes on people, all I want to do is help and make life better.

Sorry this post was so long.

Next Time: Open Mic Night

Until then,
~The Trickster, Maui

Monday, September 27, 2010

As The World Turns: Music And Emotion

In this perplexing, complex and ultimately exciting existence I have experienced, one thing has been clear to my cohorts, family, and groups. My musical tastes profoundly express my current emotional track. The last ten months have seen a play list that would leave a radio dj's head spinning. I journeyed through a list sprouting from a girl that doesn't get it because it was all before she was born, to a cry of rearmament of the likes of Lamb of God, a realization of my weakness to have something poured that is cold an clear in the terms of AFI's "fainting spells". The rebirth of hope of turning the corner asking what was I thinking like Dierks Bently asked himself. An emotional shudder when the words of "Endlessly she said" meant the world to me. A month of Crookers running amok with David Guetta as we slid across the floor on the freedom of summer. Then, there was a crash, I once again looked for those fainting spells, The Used brought me a Box of Sharp Objects as I Buried Myself Alive and found beauty in Artwork.

Anyone who can follow that and listen to such a play list can see that it's been a Wild Ride...Unbound time recently. Perhaps I got hopeful that my recession had ended and went out spending the emotional currency I held with Dierks and the Crookers squad, inevitably causing a double dip, right before I was able to attain that great prosperity.

Much like the economy, and market forces of the real world, emotions and lives have ups and downs, growth and recession if you will. When I should have been the most headstrong, I didn't lose anything except my mind, which cost me dearly. I'm sure others have been on that path, weathered it and been made stronger, or unfortunately  lost their way.

But nay! Never lose hope, we are the controllers of our own destiny, true we will make decisions that we may regret as I have made...and maybe they will be FUBAR, but in these stay strong, find your pillar and challenge the storm. Music is my lover, my mistress, my best friend, and the enemy that knows just how to get into my head. and I wouldn't trade this relationship for anything else. Truly. It does raise my spirits to hear that The One-Armed Scissor still can grace my ear however.

Hope, is being sure of what we hope for; and certain of what we do not see. So I choose to listen, and allow the notes to course through me and bit by bit figuring how to rebuild myself. It's one of the things that be in our lifetimes....Endlessly

Play list of the night:
Rise Against: Savior
The Used: Take it Away, and Empty With you
AFI: Miss Murder, 37mm, Beautiful Thieves, and Veronica Sawyer Smokes
At The Drive-In: Pattern Against User, and One-armed Scissor.

Next time: The origins of The Trickster, Maui

Until then,
~Signed, The Trickster, Maui

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Things That be: An Intro

It's funny how life can change on a dime, from a decision of the past.
Or change slowly without you're knowledge and discovered as a flash of light that erases your world....

I am The Trickster, Maui, and these will be the rants and ravings, rumor and hearsay, of The Torch Carrier.

I'm sure the story will one day be posted, well it already has been by my companion for whom the title of this post in named, Thank you Madame Vice.

 Once the spirits enter, the inner demons are released, want someones soul? Give them something cold and clear, warm and dark, or anything intoxicating untill the gates are bashed down, or opened. These posts will be of a nature mostly associated with life, the decisions made, my opinions, and observations of myself. More than likely also including tidbits of fact, knowledge, wisdom and total bs.

The reason I started writing again was from a dear friend who shares a common condition with me: reoccurring nightmares, or just very disturbing dreams, she started writing and it helped why not have it help myself. Don't be alarmed, I will not be a bleeding heart over the fabulous internet, that's just absurd, but you will get to pear in the windows of my life, if you so choose.

 I can't wait for the Rants and Ravings of The Torch Carrier to begin.
~The Trickster: Maui