Rumor and Hearsay

Friday, September 9, 2011

Island Revolution

The light had not awakened as Maui opened his eyes,faintly detecting the ceiling above him in that early morning hour. A slight breeze carried the scents of the mangoes and bananas that surround his island home, nature flirting with his olfactory. A slight yawn lurched from his mouth as he stretched his limbs towards invisible goals, it was time to prepare.  He was used to this deployment of sorts, although returning to his sanctuary, he always expected the battles which would be given to him, a fair trade considering the war he dragged himself away from.

A drink of water, quick shower, uniform on, walk. The beads in his ears woke him more as their sounds barraged his mind, a view of the volcano mountain behind his humble dwellings was always a sight as the day guardian returned to regain his throne. The faint glow reappeared in front of his face as he journeyed towards that battlefield, already knowing that angry guardian would not let stand the climate of his journey, "Welcome home." said the guardian as he rose further into his kingdom. The walk was pleasant, Maui stayed silent, lost in the waves assaulting his ears, the occasional wisp of smoke being created in front of him, and subsequently destroyed in the atmosphere. before he knew it, the battlefields were in front of him, a smile appeared as he greeted his fellow soldiers...The battles here would prove to be as expected, heated, tiring, testing. Another smile flashed on Maui's face as orders came in, showtime. With his attitude and ability to lead, he rose quickly through the ranks to Lieutenant, all by choice of his fellow troops. his confidence was once again alive, his spirits concerning his deployment rose.

As the days progressed and the battles continued, Maui found comfort in letters and conversations from far away, from Her. She had been by his side through war, famine, destruction and rejuvenation. And now in his rebirth and the bridge had become astonishingly strong. It was during this time the young Lieutenant began keeping the affectionately named "War Journal" which rarely left his side. His fellow troops assumed the writings were full of battle plans, musings and time-killing. In reality, the journal was constructed of writings to his love and heart, many miles away. His rationale was that the journal would be more safe with him, and would be delivered in person once his deployment was finished, once he left the hallowed grounds which cleansed his soul. The courtship faced challenges, and battles all it's own...fires  threatened the integrity of the bridge that connected the two. However, Maui found a way to keep it intact, as she fought alongside him through the trials and tribulations that attacked what was being created over the vast expanse that currently kept them apart. As the battles continued on the island, letters from her kept him warm and hopeful once the day guardian was vanquished and the seas cooled the the air. Even when the battles took place in the still air of the late hours of the night, the journal never left him, neither did the love and thoughts of her as she became his new found motivation to return from his sacred place.

As the days of his original deployment diminished, and the realization that one more small journey was all that stood between them, Maui fought with a new fervor, the Lieutenant had been able to accomplish quite a mountain of progress and achievement during the two months he had been at war, and as the days grew shorter, he allowed himself finally to take in the sights, sounds, explore his island Mecca, maybe one day he could show her everything, the volcano, the valleys, the waterfalls and the battlefield where he slaved during his stint. His last few days with his troops proved to be heartwarming and enveloped in camaraderie. His troops would miss him, and he would miss them, they even inquired about her, which made him all the more bonded to them.

As the last day began to come to an end, gear, spoils of war, and the journal were ready to embark. The bond between him and his longest comrade on the island solidified as he left with a drink of cold elixir. Maui traveled light as he left his home, only the journal stayed with him...this last stretch would take him to a land he had only heard and dreamed about, the last thing between him and being physically complete again, a land known as Alaska.

Until we meet again, Godspeed.
~The Trickster Maui, for First Lieutenant James Havok.