Rumor and Hearsay

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Revelations, Resolutions, Revolutions

Good day, time has passed since October since I've written anything, so I present my return.

 Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's day have all come and gone; joyous occasions with friends and family have been had, and we are almost two months back into the school grind.
Along with fun and games, trials and tribulations can also occur, disheartening and challenging instances which can develop us further or bring us down depending on our reactions.

Under-reaction and over-reaction, two deadly entities which can rear their ugly heads during this time which can ultimately determine the path one is trying to take while facing these trials. Both dangerous in their own rights, both able to destroy progress in endeavors. Be careful, tread truly, and keep the sun out of your eyes...Now here we go

I hope everyone had a good winter break, or general holiday time. It was personally great seeing friends, making new ones, and generally throwing worries to the wayside for a while. Granted the amount of cooking I was put in charge of was quite a task, it was an adventure. I used to always say I hated El Paso, and wouldn't go back for much anything besides my parents, there was a time where one person could change that, and now looking back I was a naive angsty teen wanting change desperately. And it was over break, sitting at my spot with a close friend, looking over the city, where I realized El Paso is a part of me, I may not be the biggest fan of the city, but in that moment it felt like home, the friends I've made there will always be some of the best.
Being with family, eating and drinking over a great meal, spending time with friends I rarely get to see, and keeping tradition alive with others. New Years was pretty grand, may not have been the rager we experienced the first time around, but good people made it great. My love...well maybe not love... but my enjoyment of bowling has been rekindled thanks to my brother and Tecate Tuesdays haha. However, my favorite moments involved a cup of coffee on Lee Trevino.

Along with the fun times, seeing old friends etc, eye opening experiences came to play. One being the previously mentioned conversation at my thinking spot. Others included walking into a party, dancing in a basement, getting a phone call, and losing Adriana for a while after an emotional night and a too-fast-taken corner. I walked a bridge, was a mobile bartender, a stationary bartender, an IT specialist,  a prince and a douchebag...became Alpha-like, and fell into my emotions. Learned about my father, and got closer to my mother... It was quite a roller coaster to say the least but somehow I survived, and write to you today haha hopefully no one had so much up and down action, hopefully it was pretty high riding.

Now, new years what-nots, we tend to see a flurry of resolutions to get in shape, do this, make that happen. It wasn't until later, once I was back in Lbk that I got sucker punched in the face for a resolution...Total self improvement.. I have a goal to attain, however I must take it step by step, day by day. You should try it, figure out where you are lacking in life, yourself, your identity, relationships, attitude or habits. Write them down or memorize them, and everyday wake up, and go over will take a lot of self-monitoring, but you'll notice changes slowly but surely. Personally mine follows my name, makes it easier. But what I have to lose without this journey is far too precious not to follow this path. Constant self improvement is very satisfying, even if the reasons for your change don't come will be a better person through the journey you take. Godspeed :)

Somehow, I survived my twenty first year of life and lost people some money on their bets...haha sorry fellas, I'm hard to kill off. Additionally, seeing as it's post-valentines day I wanted to address this... I know v-day is supposed to be/ seen as, a couples thing. Romance in the air, lots of affectionate little things going on. Granted I had planned to attend an Anti-Vday party but that is actually a light-hearted and fun affair. I know people who may be single, or having a rough day, and lash out at Hallmark's brainchild. V-day shouldn't be so focused on that aspect, but rather look back and think of what you did, if you went out single or coupled up think about how everything went. Think about your family, friends, immerse yourself in thoughts of good, happy times. Maybe you didn't have a stereotypical V-day, but that's okay...hell I spent mine at a bar, but it was a good chill time. Bottom line, don't stress too much over V-day. Do something sweet for a special someone sure but hey don't go overboard, unless your married hahaha. Remember that for next year.

Ah it has been a while since I wrote here... I'll try to keep it up more consistently.

Quote of the day:
A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at"- Bruce Lee

Thought of the day: Slow and steady, Easy does it

Song of the day: Monster -Michael Jackson Featuring 50 Cent (no bullshit)

I Promise I will get to the story of The Lightning Count and the Hurricane I swear.

Godspeed in all endeavors.

~The Trickster, Maui