Rumor and Hearsay

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Things That be: An Intro

It's funny how life can change on a dime, from a decision of the past.
Or change slowly without you're knowledge and discovered as a flash of light that erases your world....

I am The Trickster, Maui, and these will be the rants and ravings, rumor and hearsay, of The Torch Carrier.

I'm sure the story will one day be posted, well it already has been by my companion for whom the title of this post in named, Thank you Madame Vice.

 Once the spirits enter, the inner demons are released, want someones soul? Give them something cold and clear, warm and dark, or anything intoxicating untill the gates are bashed down, or opened. These posts will be of a nature mostly associated with life, the decisions made, my opinions, and observations of myself. More than likely also including tidbits of fact, knowledge, wisdom and total bs.

The reason I started writing again was from a dear friend who shares a common condition with me: reoccurring nightmares, or just very disturbing dreams, she started writing and it helped why not have it help myself. Don't be alarmed, I will not be a bleeding heart over the fabulous internet, that's just absurd, but you will get to pear in the windows of my life, if you so choose.

 I can't wait for the Rants and Ravings of The Torch Carrier to begin.
~The Trickster: Maui

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