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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Better Every Day #2

Already falling behind, I apologize.

"Survival is a temporary condition."

It is also a choice.

Again, I will not be defeated.

As soon as I lay my head down to relax, a new assault developed, once again, pushing me towards a critical position. I will remain steadfast however, I am determined to continue on this new adventure, this new quest to find peace, and find whatever it is that will push me to continuously be a better person.

Todays topic: The Crucible,

Chemistry was never my strongest suit in high school, but I loved burning shit, and I loved the idea f the crucible. As explained to us, in that lab, the crucible is basically designed to just fucking survive, it is meant to outlast it's contents, through the flames applied to it.

It survives.

In the video game, Destiny, the multiplayer modes are called "The Crucible". According to the lore of this video game universe, The Crucible was started as a testing ground, to train and develop warriors through combat, through the fire.

Maybe these last few months have been some kind of strange, sadistic experiment. The flames of this strange fortune or curse, will not destroy me, I will not allow it.

Everyone should take something away from the crucible, everything may fall apart, but do not crack, do not fail, survive. Continue to fight, become something better than your current self.

Become Better Every Day.

H.E. Wallace

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