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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

Boom, the festivities are over, the drive has been made, and it's back to the grind.

Good to be back in Lubbock actually, though I'm not terribly excited for Muay Thai in the morning but that's besides the point. i figured I'd give y'all something to read to pass the time.

I hope everyone had a good break...will have a good break...or is currently enjoying a break...which will end up good. El Paso was a good time on the back end, however angsty my previous post was, doesn't reflect the rest of our mini vacation to the sun city. Hanging with some good friends at the house, grilling and additionally hazing the culinary world of the neighborhood. What college cookout druing break would be complete without some good ole BP, tournament of champions, actives versus pledges, bigs and littles as teams, and random match ups. Needless to say, things got pretty fratty: frat shades, polo shorts, sperrys, flip flops, croakies...we were frat to the nines.

Then the game started.... I evidently was doing something, "evidently" because I'm not sure if I was doing anything but whatever. So theoretically let's say I was doing something, and in the context of the situation, let's assume this is good. However, one of my prized possessions has mysteriously gone missing...the mission is to find it, and If I do, I get to know what I was doing. Still with me? Goof. We'll come back to this later, but at this point it's time to party with my brother.

Boom, after a short walk we enter a nice get together at my bro's house and proceed to continue to party as several more friends show up. As the night progresses, as many other nights, we just can't have a perfect night. go this point I'm very positive that I'm doing very well and the night is going perfect.
It's at this point I have to get my friend to come back, not let the bs get to them and to keep having a good time. Evidently some ppl just like starting stuff so of course I'm gonna defend my friend in my brother's house while this is going down. To anyone that reads this... DON'T BE GHETTO IT JUST MAKES YOU LOOK TRASHY UNEDUCATED AND OVERALL PLACES YOU IN DUMB-B STATUS. seriously....

You know it's going downhill when a chick is yelling at your friend saying "I'm from east L.A. b*@&$! does the fact you're from there give you a free pass to be ghetto without getting shit for it? HELL I'M FROM SOUTH L.A. ...doesn't mean I'm ghetto. Slow your roll.

Other than that, pretty good tail-end of the break, some more fratting at the Fratcastle with my people. Unfortunately I ran out of time to find my object, but I'm pleading to get the info anyway. Wish me luck ya? :)

Happy Monday morning everyone I hope you have a good one.

Quote of the break:
"What you know about dying?! "

News for the day: Adriana is back with me....with new subs ;-) be jealous.

Video of the post:

Until we meet again, Godspeed.

~The Trickster, Maui

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