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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The "Joys" of being home.

I hope so far everyone has had/ will be having a good spring break. Roughly halfway through the spring semester...thrilling isn't it?
With the supreme beats of Sir David Guetta, Skrillex and various artist filling my cranium I bring you the Mid-Spring break edition of the Journal of the Torch Carrier.

With the last three months and my experience with my mothers car, dropping $600+ into it, and finally just fixing it on my own...I have been reunited with the love of my life, Adriana. However, still there is work to be done, granted I thought it would be upgrade work, but the repairs weren't completed correctly so she has to get reevaluated a few times. So, still waiting on the final word and what not so I can order my strut tower braces, new lights, possibly headers and a cat-back exhaust. new shoes are still in the running also, esp since they come with race tires ;-)

Hm, Deadmau5 just came on.

As for the joys of being home, they are boundless. Rolling into El Paso Friday night, walking in the house and as soon as I get to say hi, it starts downhill. You're looking a little chubby son, sit down you're making us nervous, are you going to grad school after all? Have you filled your prescriptions yet? We need to go to the bank, did you cash out your old stocks? what kind of investments do you want now?....fuck me running sideways it's good to see you too mom and dad....

my answers? I'd be working out a lot more if my knee was good to go, i don't like sitting down cuz I don't plan on staying dad, I don't know yet you know I hate school esp right now I don't wanna think about it mom, No I didn't I'm not going to take those fucking pills I'm fine, Yes I know, yes i did the check is right here, I dunno...I'm going out bye.
...First 20 mins home.

As many of you who actually know me, I'm a creature of the night, so first night in town is most definitely going to be epic. Rumple? Check... Whiskey? Check...BOOSH
Pulling up to the homestead of my dear Mr Mayor I calmly step out of my lovely Adriana once parking her near her cousin. Heading up the stairs greeted by to lovely ladies who sense it's going to be a good night once they see the bottles. Walk in, Game over. round after round after round of the Rumpliest Rumple I've had in a while, then to the modded whiskey drinks...strong drinks mind you. and the KATTING began. For those not familiar with KAT, You need to "like" Total Kat Move on F-book and get down with the hardest partying frat you'll ever know. Of course things got wayyyy out of hand, Minibear/Bones was KO'd by my mixing, Mr Sexy kept it classy somehow and the Mayor and our friend almost went after everyone with the blades for dropping the Slam piece tag hahaha. The future of KAT was also discussed, we have big plans ;-)
And it's not by Greek Letters, Its just said KAT like

Stumbling in at 5 A.M. is always fun, especially when mom knows you're stumbling in because of the freshly made rum and pepsi in one hand, which she can smell from down the hall, and a box from taco cabana in the other. As usual, she just looks at me and goes back to her room. 9 A.M sharp, dad hovering over me...time to go. I've learned to accept that when I come in at all hours of the night I pretty much provide an open ticket to my pops to work my ass off the next day. which is what happened. Bank, back home, post office, back home, driving them to the west side to pick up a paper...yeah and all the time holding conversation with me, effectively magnifying the cranial chaos that the sun and dehydration have brought. Finally when I"m released I get some sleep, too sick to eat but knowing I need to re-swagger for the evening with promise of a great meal when the rents get back. MY PARENTS DITCHED ME FOR DINNER WTF hahaha. So I did what any good college student would do, broke out the pots and a pan and Hazed the freezer for all it's yummy goodness, the result? Bomb ass shrimp n steak dinner for one. Gotta get my protein it's Beer Pong Saturday after all ;-) BP goes down smooth and fun as hell, so around 3am I'm driving home when I get a phone call, long story short: two black eyes, bruised eyebrow, and a swollen nose, painful to the touch. God I love my boys haha but don't practice mma full speed whilst not completely sober, or have been warned.

Sunday, got conned into hanging out with my Bio-mom, then went to Sincinasty...aka the depot of El Paso with my boys, made a new friend and accepted a challenge. Monday, Car goes back to the shop, I get my teeth cleaned pretty mellow day night is completely opposite but we won't get into that.

Which brings us to today, which seems like I've been having a rip-roaring time right?
 But It's all coming from the fact that I can't stand being in my house. As much as I love the rents they are just wayyy too damn good at pushing my buttons and what-not so yeah, it's a lot of stress in the Wallace house so I tend to try to stay moving.
The dreams are more vivid than ever, It's becoming harder and harder to tell the difference between them and reality. The hours now spent trying to dodge the dreams are now spent figuring out why I'm in college, why I''ma  business student, why do I care what happens in certain sectors of this crazy life I seem to create around myself. And it's been quite nice to prod my own mind, thus I'll start writing again, maybe not everything will make it here but there will be a book out there, full of these inner thoughts and dialogue.

By now you clearly know the music has changed, that was the serious part of the post.
But, Lets talk about pet peeves, I'm just gonna list situations and list the things that get me going (from eh doesn't REALLY bother me, to I'll snap) haha some could end up funny I Guess.

in the house: My rents, the lack of wireless cable, tv's constantly on with no one watching or three tv's on the same channel and two are being used in separate rooms, mom turning on the tv while i'm napping then leaving the room, mom trying to talk to me while I clearly have my headphones on watching a movie, Trying to start a convo with me while I'm trying to sleep, Telling me things I clearly already am aware of or rectified, and telling me things that have no importance to me at all then getting upset that I don't know what you are talking about.

In the Car: Crappy music, Ipod Being dead, Pandora not working on the phone, shitty drivers, Lubbock Streets, assholes, ppl who drive like assholes, that smug look an asshole gives you while you look at their car, touching the radio, Lubbock drivers, touching the radio, Juarez drivers, ppl going wayyy too slow.

At the party: not knowing people, ppl getting annoyed that you know EVERYONE...literally, long beer pong waits, the guy that talks shit about his flip cup skills that gets all pissed when his team looses, that one team that runs the beer pong table all night, drinks most of the beer, then leaves, the girls who come into your party/the party you are bar tending and acting like they own the place, guys doing the same thing, asking for whack ass drinks, not finishing drinks,  one of your ex's other ex/new person giving you a dirty look, multiple ppl giving you dirty looks for talking to an ex, the new person in their life continuing to give you dirty looks, said person eventually attacking you for no real reason besides they are drunk or jealous, puking inside the house/party yard, PI's, no liquor.

At the Bar:  see above. Add lame bartenders, worthless waitresses, the hicks that play the shitty jukebox music, the drunk guys that start fights because you passed within 15 ft of a girl they are trying to hookup with, horrible service, having to cover someone's tab, getting towed.

In life in general: being tired, being bored, not having anyone to chill with, being so bored I actually do homework, having to fix stuff that shouldn't be your problem, my room being messy haha, stingy ppl, rude ppl, friends vanishing right when you need em, nagging, speed traps, credit card limits and bar tabs, TABC, people who are ur friends when they need something, people who don't walk with purpose, People telling you what you need to do in life, people telling you who you should be with, constantly being told you should be single or in a relationship with this or that person, lack of working car, people who are not genuine and you can clearly see it. and finally, for how much I give them hell, If anyone talks bad about one of my family members, even Portia, or any of my close friends...we have a problem

Wow, that was longer than expected but that's it for the mid-spring break update

Song of the day: Lmfao-party rock anthem ft l bennet and goonrock.

Quote of the day: Don't sweat the small stuff...and It's ALL small stuff. ~Richard Carlson

Idea of the day: Surprise yourself, be spontaneous.

Until next time, keep the sun out ya eyes ya?

~The Trickster, Maui

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