Rumor and Hearsay

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Messages in bottles.

I put it all in a bottle, one of the bottles I used to chase you away.
Frustration, love, hate, hurt, happiness.

Thanks for the memories.

These full bottles litter the beach, each a vessel for a part of me.
Parts you ripped out of me.
Confidence, joy, comfort, safety.

You're welcome for the time.

Every bottle has a story, every page of my diary, every thought in my War Journal.
I throw  myself into the setting sun.
Bottle by bottle I drop into the loving sea, waiting to be cleansed again.
My being, a series of stories, cautions of emotion, portraits of Pain, Love, Failure.

Thank you for the story.

May no one live this story of me over.
May the tide carry all the chapters to an ocean grave.
May my diaries never be found.
May the sun melt the glass coffins as they glisten for the last time.
Let them sink, let the water crush them against the earth...
Far, far, that my tragedy is never gathered

Thank you for the bottles.

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