Rumor and Hearsay

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can't keep running.

"She's cute." Eddy said as the waitress left with their drink order. "Twenty five-seventy five bro, you won't do it, I know you too well." responded Dustin as sheepish grins developed on both of their faces.

Lighter strike.

Inhale. Exhale.

There they sat, friends, teammates, brothers, in this smokey bar, this safehouse.

"You're really gonna keep doing that aren't you? One day I'm gonna take your bet, I'm gonna win, and take all your damn money because I know one day I'm gonna cowboy up and you'll be weeping over an empty wallet...ass." Dustin smiled wide as he leaned towards his comrade. "You mean to tell me, that one day you are gonna man-up, actually talk to a girl for once, get her number, or take her home? Really? That will be a cold day in hell, why do you think I always do this? I know you won't, I know you." Eddy raised the glass in front of him to his lips, he looked over Dustin in his white button-down shirt under an open black leather jacket. His hair ever so gingerly spruced to offer maximum mohawk flaunt. Dustin just smiled at him, "Stop checking me out, all these girls might get the wrong idea dude." They both glanced around, noting the only females in the bar were their waitress and a woman who seemed like she could snap either of them in half, top of the line pickings.

Scotch, good scotch, empty glass.

Inhale. Exhale.

"I'm not afraid of that, one, because I'm loaded and one empty wallet won't be the end of the world...and two, and the more important reason is even while you don't admit it, and I doubt I'll ever have the pleasure to hear you admit it," Dustin grabbed his drink while holding his other hand out to keep Eddy from responding, "You, my friend are still in love with someone else, and we both know who."

Eddy glared as he took a deep drag from his Lucky Strike. A cheerful voice diverted his attention, it was the waitress."You guys look like you need some new drinks," a playful giggle followed as Dustin smiled at her, "another round of...scotch....right?" Dustin grabbed her hand and turned his charm to eleven. "My goodness you are too sweet to us, I'm Dustin and my comrade here who thinks jeans and a white t-shirt constitutes good taste is Eddy, and you are gorgeous what's your name?" She rolled her eyes with a smile, obviously Dustin was a sweet talker, and she'd certainly heard it all before, "I'm Shannon, and you might as well get in line if you think you got a chance sweetie." "Ooo such a fire cracker," retorted Dustin, "Is there an express lane?" Shannon smiled and demanded the answer to her original question. Dustin shot a look at Eddy, then back to the waitress. "Here is what we need, two rounds for each of us, two tequila shots, dressed, some of that mint shcnapps shit for him, like four shots, and....hmm...two shots of's going to be a long night." She started laughing at how large the order was, until she glanced at Eddy, staring at Dustin, who was staring right back, a tinge of anger in Eddy's eyes, a touch of nonchalance in Dustin's. She quickly left to get their order as they sat in silence. "You're kidding right? Fuck, you're not kidding..." Eddy accepted his fate and followed suit as Dustin pulled out his lighter and a cigarette.

Shannon returned with her serving tray full, she quickly sat it down as the brothers both lit their cigarettes, she didn't say a word as she left.

Inhale. Exhale.
Inhale. Exhale.

"Go." Eddy demanded as he took a shot of Rumpleminze.

"Dude seriously you need to just fucking admit it to yourself and her, this isn't good for you and shit, she's probably caught on a little too but you won't say shit. You've said it yourself, you changed for the worst after you broke up with Kathy and ever since, you're holding back," Dustin took a gulp from his scotch ,"come on dude it's really messing you up, you need to just I don't know...just something."

Eddy took a deep drag as he rolled his eyes, "Yeah after we broke up it was a shitty time but I moved on Dustin, obviously, I've dated and what-not and that shit just didn't work out and I dunno why you can't just drop it!" Eddy looked down and sighed, grabbed his drink and began to chug.

Dustin just smiled, happy to know that Eddy remembered their deal to chug the current drink if either lost their temper during talks and arguments."Yeah, you are really over it D, take another shot buddy let's go."

Two down.

Eddy took his smoke in his hand, "Okay, what about Ann?"
Dustin rolled his eyes and pointed towards the tequila with a smile, "Ann was your rebound dude, you knew you could say some sweet words and end up in a relationship. And when that went south you acted out, but it wasn't because of that, it was because you regretted the whole Kathy situation because you realized how fucking good you had it and that you're an idiot."

Three down.

"Okay, the infamous Krtistal, I'm dying to hear what you're going to come up for her." Eddy allowed a smirk to form on his face.
 "Too fucking easy man, you're fucking stupid, Justin, Blake, Hillary, Jacob and even fucking Kathy herself warned you about Kristal. When Kathy is pulling you away from a girl and warns you about her and that you're messing up, my dude, you're messing up. You didn't even talk to her for a while and whenever you got that assignment up north we all were dumbfounded when you told us you and her were together. I'm surprised Kathy didn't go out there herself and punch you in the dick with your own boots. I will give you this though...she had great boobs so kudos there, but that's about all of her positive qualities. Ann treated you like shit in the end and so did Kristal, and by my count, the one person other than them that you'd talk to, was, Kathy or yours truly. Take a shot, you're losing bad."


Dustin grabbed his tequila shot and nodded towards Eddy. Eddy took his up and snapped, "Fuck you, love you asshole." "Love you too ass hat." Dustin shot back.

Eddy lit another smoke and grabbed his scotch and sat for a second as the hustle and bustle of the bar continued around him. "What about Michelle and Amber?" Eddy was running out of options.

Dustin laughed as he lifted his glass, "My dude, making out with a chick a few times at a nightclub doesn't count, though I am surprised that you even went into a club, you're full of fun tricks." He took a deep drink and put his glass down as he locked eyes with his brother. "Eddy I love you I really do but shit man open your eyes and stop running from everything. When she is happy you're happy, when shes not, you're not. I swear to god if you had the slightest chance if the world of making that work again, you'd have to tell her how you feel, or get obnoxiously rich and promise her a stress free life, even then its a long shot. You're a good guy, great teammate and the best brother I could have, but your dumb so take that shot.


Dustin continued, "That chick you bought a drink for, not your type, you didn't even talk. The secretary at your last assignment that you took to that UFC fight, reminds like five of us of Kathy. I dont know whay you gotta be so difficult."

"I don't wanna make things weird." Eddy retorted

"So you do still like her, tell her." Dustin shot back.

"Dude shut up,you're stupid, what am I supposed to do? Call her and just declare that I'm still head over heels with her after how we ended? Yeah that's really smart, not. If I told her she would probably accept it, then just stop talking to me so yeah not happening." The slurring had started, Eddy finished the last of the scotch in his glass and looked up at his brother who had a concerned look on his face, "What? What Dustin?"

Dustin just looked at him and raised two fingers toward Shannon for another round, he sighed and lit another cigarette, "Was that so hard to say out loud?"

"You're an asshole, and thank you." Eddy raised his glass towards his brother, "You know you're paying for all this right?" Dustin just laughed as then took their glasses down, "You know, you never know"

Eddy simply replied, "Fuck you I'm not gonna say anything Mr. Therapist but thanks for the drinks."

They both started laughing as the bartender called last call. "Well champ, lets go find you girls to not hit on, I feel weird buying a guy drinks all night" Dustin calmly said, "Ten-one hundred says Shannon gives me a fake number when I ask for it, you in?"

Eddy smiled and finally caved in.

It was a real number, Eddy ended up being best man in their wedding.

Dustin never got his money. 

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